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A relatively shy person by nature, I tend to keep to myself. Otherwise I am photographing or active in one of the many organizations to which I belong. The camera and my board positions give me purpose and a certain level of comfort. When I am working, it is usually a wedding of 350 plus guests or a corporate event with a thousand attendees. I prefer the quiet and contemplative down time.

One of my favorite past times and the thing that really grounds me is exploring with a camera in hand. Anytime I visit a new city or town I enjoy taking in the sites.  Appreciating the small intimate details that often are overlooked by many. Over the years I have shared some of these journeys. Many of these are the more visually stunning locals I have been fortunate enough to visit.

My favorite escapes have been hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Upon the passing of my mother in early 2015 my father, my brother and I decided to make the art of exploring a regular event.  Brian, my younger brother lives in Austin. We tend to head his way to share some quality family time. Time that is now known as the Adventures of the Jones Boys.

We try to meet up a couple times a year. As a result, I have taught my father more about still photography and enabled him to enhance his experience and images. This is only a small glimpse of my passion for my profession. Friends, who have followed my Lust for Light posts, have encouraged me to share these private jaunts with others.  Many already know of my professional portrait and event photography and now they are invited into my private albums.

I want to welcome you to the world of Excursions with DJP.  Excursions will highlight the personal side of my imagery and travels. Most of these trips are things I do purely for the joy of it and not for a particular client. I will do my best to share the stories behind the images as well as share some of my earlier work that still influences me today.

Please enjoy my travels and visit the special gallery dedicated to the fine art of adventure and travel photography.  Due to popular demand, many of the photos found here are available as prints and canvases in limited quantities.  Follow the new Excursions social media accounts below for many upcoming images.

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