COVID Collection

As the state, county and cities begin to open back up and the Stay at Home orders are lifting we are now beginning to settle into the “New Normal”. Throughout this forced “home time,” David was “working” at home, taking the time to search out the participants of daily life in the space we take for granted. Most of this collection is concentrated on macro photography techniques that David has studied over this time at home. Daily treks through the yard, learning the patterns of the various insects and animals, he has been able to capture these amazing shots. Taking time to examine the plants and flowers blooming during this lockdown Spring covering the nearly 12 weeks of quarantine. 

All the images you’ve seen posted as a “Daily Stay at Home Moment of Zen” we are proud to offer for purchase through our fine art and travel division, Excursions with DJP using the link below.

COVID Collection Gallery

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Daily Stay at Home Moment of Zen

We hope you are all staying safe and relatively sane in these trying times. David is missing interacting and working with all of his headshot clients, corporate events and networking groups. During the Quarantine he has been staying active and sharpening his photographic skills by photographing what nature is offering this Spring. From plants and flowers, small animals and insects to abstract images he has slowed things down and really appreciating the small things lately. So if you, like many of our followers, need an escape from all of the political, Covid-19 and meme posts check out our relaxing escape from reality on our social media platforms. Enjoy and hope to see many of you soon!



macro photograph yellow orchid
Yellow orchid
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Milky Way Time-Lapse Photography in New Mexico – Part 1

As part of my personal exploration of the Excursions with DJP series I would like to share the following video. This particular set is a two hour time-lapse from a Summer 2017 trip to Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. The location is a vertical hike from a remote cabin in a portion of the park that suffered a forest fire back in 2013.

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Business Headshots

Although known for our presence in the wedding and events industry, we are also quite capable of creating classic and environmental headshot portraits either at our centrally located studio or on location. Whether you are in need of an efficient studio session for a new employee or several executives, we can accommodate most requests. We are often praised at how quickly we can relate to, relax and document even the most reluctant executive. Contact us for customized pricing for your company’s needs now before you need it, “like yesterday”.

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African Photographic Safari

After retiring my father started to really get serious about learning more about photography. Teaching him on our regular hikes about f-stops and shutter speeds led him to set a goal. For years he had purchased other photographers photos for his walls, now he wanted to show his own. He had been diving for years, experiencing the oceans of the world, but now it was time for something different, an African Photographic Safari.

An ultimate adventure on most photographers bucket list is an African Safari. Dad was ready for this new adventure and booked the trip. We ramped up the lessons and as things progressed we talked about my becoming his travel companion. This has always been on the top of my list of things to photograph.

As a Houston photographer, the time he had chosen is a relatively slow time for weddings, since most brides aren’t interested in melting at the altar. Dad jumped at the chance to have someone share the experience as well as the chance to have a full time photographic expert to assist him in capturing some stellar images to bring back home.

I try not to get excited about my travels until I am actually ready to leave, but deep inside I was ecstatic about this amazing opportunity. I made several small purchases in preparation, and I do mean small. The biggest hurdle was our limit on the amount of weight we could carry. With only 23 pounds to work with, this would be a minimalists nightmare.

The strict weight limits were due to the fact that several of our trips would be on small planes taking us to very remote camps. The restrictions were understandable but frustrating at the same time. Yes I can easily pair down on clothes but those don’t weigh much, it is the cameras and lenses that add up quickly.

We were booked and ready to go on our Ultimate African Safari with Overseas Adventure Travel which would take us to the following countries and areas: Botswana: Chobe, Okavango Delta • Zambia: Kafue • Zimbabwe: Hwange, Victoria Falls. The adventure awaited, with a lot of preventative shots, clothes dosed with insecticide, bags packed and weighed we were off.

The experience far outweighed my expectations and all I can say is if you ever get the opportunity to do something similar, don’t think about it, just do it. I learned so much about the South African countries, history, people and cuisines… and of course the wildlife. While I may have not seen all of the big five (lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros) I have absolutely no regrets.

To have viewed the sheer number of animals up close and in their natural environment was exceptional.  Animals that I had only seen in a zoo were now in my viewfinder. Our trip leader was fantastic. He and all of our local guides made the each of the trips educational and exciting.

I am so excited to share some of these photos with my friends. To say that this was an amazing experience would be an understatement. I was able to photograph landscapes, sunsets, mammals, aviary and even a few Milky Way images. In 2018 we will be unveiling a number photos on different medium, showcasing a number of the amazing sights. Look for more information in upcoming blogs and be sure to sign up on our Facebook page – Excursions with DJP to get all the updates.


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2017 NACE Houston Chapter Synergy Award

At the NACE Houston Chapter Annual Awards Dinner in December, D. Jones Photography was honored to have been part of the 2017 Synergy Award team. The award showcases the exceptional partnership demonstrated between NACE Houston Chapter members. The Synergy Award is designed to honor the cohesive relationship and teamwork between it’s members. It also recognizes how collaborative teamwork produces an extraordinary event.

The iDesign Team, of Katie Proctor and Arin Segall, put together the e4 event for their corporate client.  The event was held at the new Houston Marriott Marquis Grand Ballroom and featured the amazing “Tree of Life” pictured below.  Team members for this event included:

D Jones Photography, iDesign Meetings, AFR Event Furnishings

J&D Entertainment, Let it Fly Events and CORT Event Furnishings.

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Modern Luxury Datebook Cover

Totally amazing when we see one of our photos on the cover of a magazine.  We were part of a collaboration of vendors that put together this photo featured on the cover of the 2018 Modern Luxury Charity and Social Datebook.  This extensive shoot encompassed three different setups over a 12 hour period, from daylight to moonlight.

The shoot was staged in the new building for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston across I-45 from the Aquarium Restaurant, with an incredible view of downtown.  We went through 3 linen changes, 4 china patterns and about 8 dresses.  We carried 3 tables, 24 chairs, china, glassware and 4 buckets of floral up 3 flights of stairs because we were the first ones to photograph in this brand new venue.  Unfortunately for us the elevator was not yet operational.

Funny thing happened on the way to the printer… the shoot was shared with Modern Luxury, but there was no clear list of vendors and our photographer got lost in translation.  We’ve talked to Sarah Leftwich, editor of Modern Luxury and thankfully, David Jones, lead photographer, at D Jones Photography will be receiving credit online and the next issue.  Until then we are celebrating our Cover Photo.

We would like to acknowledge our partners and thank them for their participation.

Linens and Floral – LBL Event Rentals
Rentals – A Finer Event
Gowns – Something Blue
Venue – Big Bothers Big Sisters
Model – Maria Douglas

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Excursions with DJP

A relatively shy person by nature, I tend to keep to myself. Otherwise I am photographing or active in one of the many organizations to which I belong. The camera and my board positions give me purpose and a certain level of comfort. When I am working, it is usually a wedding of 350 plus guests or a corporate event with a thousand attendees. I prefer the quiet and contemplative down time.

One of my favorite past times and the thing that really grounds me is exploring with a camera in hand. Anytime I visit a new city or town I enjoy taking in the sites.  Appreciating the small intimate details that often are overlooked by many. Over the years I have shared some of these journeys. Many of these are the more visually stunning locals I have been fortunate enough to visit.

My favorite escapes have been hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Upon the passing of my mother in early 2015 my father, my brother and I decided to make the art of exploring a regular event.  Brian, my younger brother lives in Austin. We tend to head his way to share some quality family time. Time that is now known as the Adventures of the Jones Boys.

We try to meet up a couple times a year. As a result, I have taught my father more about still photography and enabled him to enhance his experience and images. This is only a small glimpse of my passion for my profession. Friends, who have followed my Lust for Light posts, have encouraged me to share these private jaunts with others. Many already know of my professional portrait and event photography and now they are invited into my private albums.

I want to welcome you to the world of Excursions with DJP.  Excursions will highlight the personal side of my imagery and travels. Most of these trips are things I do purely for the joy of it and not for a particular client. I will do my best to share the stories behind the images as well as share some of my earlier work that still influences me today.

Please enjoy my travels and keep an eye out for updates to a special gallery dedicated to the fine art of adventure and travel photography.  Due to popular demand, many of the photos found here are available as prints and canvases in limited quantities.  For more information EMAIL us or follow the new Excursions social media accounts below for many upcoming images.

Excursions with DJP – Instagram

Excursions with DJP – Facebook

Milky Way over Santa Fe National Forest, August 2017

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The Origins of Lust for Light

Many of my followers have likely noticed, I tend to take a lot of photos of lights. Specifically, I shoot chandeliers in churches, hotels, restaurants and offices. So, why the fascination with lights… a couple of reasons. First, it is a play on my passion for photography. The definition of photography is, after all,  “drawing with light.”

Why chandeliers?  Honestly it began as my way of “checking in” at the many locations I frequent in my day to day travels, on and off the job – Board meetings, networking events, client offices and weddings. I am slightly OCD and I feel the need to account for my time at these locations, but in a unique way.  This fuels my love of symmetry, made visible by these photographs.

Entering a room, we view chandeliers from the side, so why this particular angle?  I became enthralled with the view on a trip to Europe in 2000. I had decided to not travel with a tripod, to save on weight and not look like the typical “sandals and Hawaiian shirt tourist”. As I visited so many of the amazing cathedrals and palaces, I found myself wanting to get some images.

The detailed views were often dark and difficult to get a useable image inside.  I had to get creative. Placing my camera on the ground, facing up. With a wide angle lens, I was able to capture a long exposure of the ceilings. Reviewing the images, I was able to truly appreciate the artistry, architecture and details we so often overlook.

The additional bonus of these images… they had no people to distract from the beauty of these historical locations. Upon returning home, I began to notice this beauty in the many churches and buildings I was working in.  Consciously I began taking the same shots to document my local travels.

It becomes a game with friends in attendance, to try and figure out which lights I have captured. The overhead images are often much more abstract.  The fixture can look vastly different, from underneath, than the side view would afford. Some of the more intricate chandeliers take on a whole new look when simplified to a two dimensional plane.

Surprisingly, ha ha, you may not realize that I am naturally shy and a somewhat introverted person. I find my comfort behind the lens, as opposed to being in front if it. While most people are documenting their adventures with selfies, I am less inclined to be part of the photo.

As a group, we look at the number of likes we get on social media.  We allow that to be the gauge of our work, but it’s not.  I may not see a lot of “likes” but I am always surprised by the number of friends, colleagues and clients that have been moved by my Lust for Light series. Often times they will share their own chandelier images from vacations and even a few have done so on their honeymoon, with a tag in joking homage.

I am always flattered when a fellow artist and friend posts an image, inspired by one of my “lust” shots. I feel honored to have influenced some of my followers.  Next time you enter a building, look at things just a little differently. Appreciate these abstract ceilings and lights that were designed for visual pleasure. #lustforlight


  Samples from Lust for Light Series  

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Your Memories are Safe with D Jones Photography

To all our valued clients…

We know that the hurricane has taken it’s toll on many of our homes. David wants you to know that your memories are safe with us. D Jones Photography has a three layer archive system to ensure the safety of your photos. If your albums or portraits were damaged in the recent flooding we are able to provide replacements at an incredibly discounted price.

Call us for more information at 713-521-1550 or email us at

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