Keeping up the Joneses – Rebekah of Bergner and Johnson

This is part of our ongoing blog segment we are doing at D. Jones Photography.  David and I hand pick some of our favorite vendors, meet them at their workplace or favorite space and ask them some questions about the industry and life in Houston. It’s our way of giving back to the industry and also letting our readers meet some awesome vendors whom they may not have heard of before, or who work behind the scenes. To view additional vendor interviews follow this link to Keeping up with the Joneses.

Presenting the fabulous and creative mind behind Bergner and Johnson, Rebekah Johnson!

How did you get into the wedding/event business?

I started working with Sarah Bergner in the mid 80’s, while I was in art school. She did weddings and debutante balls for her friends for fun- she taught me all about weddings and events. I then moved to NYC and worked for some of the top people in the country at the time, Renny Reynolds and Robert Isabel to name a few. In the mid 90’s I moved back to Houston to start Bergner and Johnson with Sarah Bergner as a full time operation.

What inspires you?

Nature, Art and Fashion

What wedding trends do you see coming to the Houston market?

A loosening of the tight compact arrangements – moving back towards a garden look with lots of textures and unique flowers. – Still very lush but not just a single element in a glass vase.

How do you think Houston is different than other markets around
the country?

The weddings and parties are much larger here. In NYC a typical wedding was 150 guests and always seated. Here a typical wedding is 400-500 guests and almost never seated- Weddings and parties in Texas are not as stuffy but still maintain elegance and attention to detail.

Where are you going on your next vacation?

I am going to NY in June then to Paris in September- I cannot wait for Paris, I draw so much inspiration from the gardens there and love the bouquets at the corner markets.

What is your favorite local place to shop?

Central Market- love the presentation and all the fun foods.

What do you do for fun?

I invite a group of friends over and cook something I have never attempted before- sometimes it turns out sometimes it doesn’t- but it’s the journey- my friends are used to being guinea pigs so they enjoy it too. One of my last favorites was a salted caramel ice cream that I made for a party.

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