Mary’s maternity session

Mary is an actress, singer and musician that I (Laura) met at an event a few months back and they had planned on doing a sort of trash the dress session…. but then Mary found out she was pregnant and we changed our plans up a bit and decided on a maternity session instead 🙂

Mary was a lot of fun to play with an brought along several props and meaningful items so we could get some variety.

She has collected insect specimen for years and brought along a dragonfly and a cicada to play with.

She also brought in some flowers and I brought in my daughter’s violin. The best part though was the little signs she brought in saying “danger” because this is to be her baby daughter’s middle name 🙂

Can you imagine that, she can really say “my middle name is Danger”. I just think that is awesome 🙂

Next up we will do some newborn portraits and then maybe, just maybe we will get to that trash the dress session.

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